Baby Boy or Baby Girl?
Red Rose Bakery Gender Reveal Cakes

You probably already know that one of the hottest trends in baby showers is the gender reveal.  If you have not heard of them, a gender reveal is a specific type of baby shower or similar event, where the parents-to-be reveal the gender of their unborn child to their guests.  Parents usually do this by incorporating color into their theme, relying on the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys.  Ways to surprise guests with the baby’s gender include colorful balloons, smoke bombs, piñatas, and gender reveal cakes.  Sometimes the couple knows the gender beforehand, but at the best gender reveals, a vendor, like a bakery, has worked with a trusted friend to create a surprise for everyone at the party, including the parents-to-be!

While gender reveal cakes can be customized for your shower theme and to suit your tastes, their main component is that, from the outside, they do not reveal the baby’s gender, but they do from the inside.  There are a variety of different ways to accomplish this.  You can go with actual coloring in the cake or in a layer of the cake, revealing pink or blue when you slice it open.  Another alternative is to create a hollow part of the cake and fill it with a gender-themed surprise inside, like pink or blue sprinkles or candies like M&Ms.  Another option is a classic layer-cake design with a colored filling indicating gender.  You may also want to explore options that create a design in the cake, which is revealed when it is sliced.  If you want to think outside of the (cake) box, we can also create other gender reveal treats, such as cake pops or cookies.

The great thing about buying your gender reveal cake at Red Rose Bakery is that we can customize a cake specifically for your party needs, tweaking the details until we have come up with the perfect confection for you!   We understand that, in addition to being delicious, the cake needs to be visually stunning.  Whether you go for a simplistic theme for the cake’s décor or a more over-the-top style, you want a cake that is going to look great in all of your gender reveal photos.  That means the cake not only has to hold the surprise inside of it, but also look great from the outside.  You also want to make sure the reveal is unambiguous; even if you choose a pastel color palette, we use color saturation in any fillings or layers to make sure that the color is clear and will stand out in your photographs.


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