Do you remember…

Red Rose Bakery Howell NJ Toms River NJ Asbury NJ Best BakeryBeing a kid, walking into the local bakery as the smell of fresh bread, cookies, cakes, and pastries wafted out of the oven? I do.

I grew up in Jersey City, where every morning my aunt would pick me up for school in time to stop at the corner bakery for her morning coffee and my daily cookie. On the weekends, it was my dad, uncle, or grandmother who would bring bagels and pastries before shuttling me off to Sunday School. Bakeries back then were all family-owned and -operated; businesses on the outside but familiar faces on the inside. Some of those faces, I was told, went as far back as my own father’s days of playing stickball in the streets of Jersey City Heights.

As funny as it may sound, going to the bakery became a tradition. Holidays were no exception: my parents’ famous Christmas Eve party in particular. Walking into our local bakery, everyone behind the counter would be smiling, dressed neatly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Sometimes I even got a few free cookies.

The Best Bakery in NJSince then, it seems like finding an old school family-run Italian bakery is just as difficult as trying to explain to my fourteen year old niece what a VHS tape is. My memories of walking to the corner bakery have become just that: memories. But I want to change this. Now, the Red Rose family is bringing back what has vanished from our hometowns: that old school family-run Italian bakery.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a few free cookies.

~ Joe Sernio, Owner

It’s Not Just a Hobby, It’s Our Passion

Best Bakery in New JerseyAt Red Rose we use only high-quality fresh ingredients. We want to make sure that when you bite into a Red Rose product, you taste the hard work, commitment, and pride that we have put into our business. But our goal isn’t just to bring back the taste of an old school bakery: it’s the atmosphere, the quality, and the familiar faces. It’s how a traditional Italian bakery is meant to be.

Red Rose began in Toms River, New Jersey; since then we have opened a second location in Asbury Park and are pleased to announce the opening of a third site in Howell. All of our locations are easily accessible by public or private transport, and each can accommodate local deliveries. From birthday cakes to wedding towers to the fresh bread that we bake and hand deliver every morning, our confections are as creative as your imagination. From tastings to tours, our bakery is your bakery.

Best Bakery in NJTo some, baking is just a hobby. But here at Red Rose, it’s our passion. Consistency, we know, is a must: and that’s why we strive to continuously use high quality products to produce high quality results. Combined with our expertise, this work ethic creates the freshest, sweetest, most mouth-wateringly delicious baked goods around. And we know it.

Whichever Red Rose you visit, our friendly and knowledgeable staff (bedecked in their red branded aprons, of course) will be ready to answer all of your questions and guide you through our tantalizing array of treats. Questions about ingredients or preparation? Be our guest. We stand behind our business and take pride in our products. And we think you will too.

A Red Rose History Lesson

NJ Best BakeryEstablished in 2011, Red Rose was named after Walter’s grandmother, Rose. Having been the head baker at the famous Gian’s Bakery in Howell (rated one of the best NJ bakeries during its time), Walter’s daughter Melissa was already ahead of the game. Alongside her, Walter and his son Michael brought Red Rose to life.

As with all 21st century endeavors, Red Rose needed a bit of a reboot when it came to marketing. Knowing that his friend Joe was a digital entrepreneur, the two decided to share ownership of the foundling bakery. (Quick side note: not only do Joe and Walter go way back, but so too did Walter and Joe’s father, Joseph Sernio Sr. In fact, Walter and Joe Sr. had played football together in high school when they were kids!)

NJ BakeryWith the new partnership underfoot, Red Rose was rebranded with the logo, color, and theme that it still wears to this day. After a complete overhaul of the flagship Toms River location, we quickly set up shop in Asbury Park. As of January 2019, we can hardly wait for the ink to dry on our lease before we break ground at our next stop: Howell.

In a world overtaken by social media, Red Rose realized that nothing beats the good ole power of word of mouth. Whether it be Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, or even Staten Island or New York City, our shore towns are sprinkled with family and friends from up north. Already on the lookout for a fourth location, we are always running into someone who is running into someone else who has been searching high and low for a traditional bakery like the ones we used to know back home. Here at Red Rose, we want to turn those childhood memories into reality. Here, we are all family.

Our Hope & Commitment

Best Italian Bakery in New Jersey, Best Italian Bakery in NJOur hope is that everyone will take a bite out of Red Rose and taste the passion and pride that we bake into each product. At the same time, we believe that continually growing our brand will revitalize the old school concept that we envision. Rooted in the traditions of past generations, we are committed to turning old memories into new experiences for generations to come.

Thanks for reading our story and we hope to see you soon!

Owners, Joe Sernio & Walter McCloskey.
Red Rose Bakery